How to Protect Your Videos with DRM?

Are you struggling to keep your video data confidential? And are worried about their unwanted access? Well, here's the solution. In this article, we will provide you with the best tools to protect your videos, which can restrict their access to everyone.

Managing your digital content from illegal distribution and unauthorized viewing is quite perplexing. If you face uncontrolled distribution of your material over different sites or networks, you must be searching for ways to guarantee the security of your content.

No need to worry as we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to give you the seven best methods through which you can have video DRM protection.

1. Video Copy Protection

If you are a content creator and want its limited and secured distribution, Video Copy Protection is built to resolve this issue. This DRM software can encrypt your video files even if they are widely spread. It will lock your file, so that screen capture software becomes inactive.

It has come up with the following features:

● It can set different watermarks for authorized persons,
● It can keep the privacy of your digital content with 256-bit advanced level encryption.
● This software does not let any end-user edit your files.
● It is viable and can be operated on Windows XP, 7,8,10, and vista.
● It readily identifies screen recorder software and makes it inactive on the spot.

2. Vdocipher

If you want a secure video hosting, and are afraid of its sharing on the internet, then Vdocipher can address this problem. Vdocipher claims that it has beaten the competition with its excellent features. It would prevent your files from being accessed by everyone. Files protected with Vdocipher are tough to decrypt. The keys of the content are kept so secret that no one can download your sensitive content. 

Some of its key features are listed below:

● It gives you a free trial of 5 GB.
● It will not let anyone download your videos.
● It allows authorized persons to adjust the video's speed and quality and add subtitles. 
● Its integration system is compatible with android, iOS, and all types of windows.

3. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft prevents illegal streaming and restricts unwanted access by everyone. It is unique data protection software to prevent any malicious attack on your videos. It can prevent the copyright of your valuable intellectual property from being robbed.

Some of its attributives are listed below:

● It can hide your data files and make them invisible even in all programs and windows.
● It allows you to protect files on local or USB disks with a master password. So, it will save all newly added audio/video files.
● Its integrated system can shred your massive content. 
● It sends you a warning email when one tries to enter the wrong password.

4. DRM-X

Are you an employee or a student and need to keep your official and personal content secure? you should go for DRM-X. It controls the systematic authorization of your content. Also, it limits the access of your private data so that no one would be able to steal it.

It's up to mark features are mentioned below:

● It can crack the malware software to prevent unwanted access.   
● Its security architecture is sufficient enough to give you continuous protection.   
● It supports all types of audio, video, pdf, ePub.
● It can easily align with your windows.
● It can set a dynamic watermark.   

5. Google Widevine DRM

Widevine is a worldwide technology that can encrypt your premium media with licensed DRM. It can securely distribute your data to authorized users. Most of the top brands of Silicon Valley like YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Disney, Discovery, and many more benefit from it.

Its essential features are listed here:

● It is compatible with a wide range of platforms like android, iOS, amazon fire OS devices.   
● It gives you seamless support for encryption.
● It has come up with HTML5 support, aids in encryption without the use of plugins.
● It can protect your content via following three levels of security:
i.L1 offers the highest level of security with its ultra-HD features to your premium content.
ii.L2 is basically hardware DRM, but it's cryptography has to be performed in a TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) to keep the piracy of your media files.
iii.L3 can be performed outside TEE, but it ensures the same level of security to your content.

6. Apple Fairplay Video Protection

If you are an iOS user and want to fasten your OTT content then it can be the best technological remedy for you. Apple initially developed it for iTunes but later extended it to iVideos.Fairplay can protect your videos with an encrypted AVC video layer. It allows only licensed platforms to approach your content.

Here is the list of its top features.

● It allows your content to be played on all Mac OS, iOS devices, and Apple Tv. 
● It can securely deliver media files to client devices.  
● It consists of the HTTP protocol to ensure security.
● It plays your videos only on target devices.

7. Copysafe

Copysafe is the video protection DRM applied software that will limit its illegal sharing and unauthorized distribution. Copysafe ensures the protection of the video so that it downloads the video in the user platform only. If you want to view it online, you must download it again with a security password. 

Its key features are given below.

● It can stop screen recording of your digital content.  
● It does not increase the file size after encryption.  
● It displays watermarks for legal users. 
● It allows you to download the locked video on licensed devices only.

The Verdict

Your content may not be secure due to the advancements in the technological and digital revolution. It would always be facing the threat of being copied and being pirated. But, video DRM protection makes illegal sharing of your videos impossible. In addition, DRM licensed application software provides an extra layer of protection to your videos and files.

We have listed the most effective 7 video DRM protector tools to restrict duplication and illegal sharing of your content. These tools will not let anyone screen record or edit your video, or copy with their name. So, you can freely share your content and make it confidential with the help of any of these video protection tools.